Friday, November 23, 2012

Multi-Function Heat Pumps

Multi-Function Heat Pump
The Multi-Function Heat Pump is a patented product with multi-usage functions.  They use a suitably sized Heat Pump module to deliver hot water, via an insulated storage tank as well as cooling (air conditioning), via a small buffer tank from one split type Heat Pump module.  
The use of energy efficient Japanese brand Mitsubishi, Panasonic, and Sanyo rotary or scroll compressors, depending upon the product capacity needed, as well as two (2) separate high efficiency plate heat exchangers, this combination significantly improves the energy efficiency to the point where the combined Coefficient of Performance (COP) for the heating and the cooling functions can be as high as seven (7) which represents an energy saving of 700% when compared to the electrical energy that would be consumed by separate electrical hot water system and air conditioners delivering the same volume of cool air and the same volume of hot water each day.  Whilst the electricity tariff supplied by the local utilities in any Region will still be the same the “effective” tariff would be 7 times less to deliver the same performance due to the efficiency of the combined Multi-Function Heat Pump Units.  For example if the actual tariff was the equivalent of US $0.12 cents per kWh then the “effective” tariff would be approximately US $0.02 cents per kWh.

Multi-Function Heat Pump - Operation Schematic
The built-in circulating pumps are the World renowned and reliable Wilo brand and they provides automatic water level control, and automatic water pressure controls.   The Multi-Function Heat Pumps also have inbuilt hot water flow and air flow controls, compressor exhaust temperature protection as well as automatic defrost and load adjusting controls.  By using the high efficiency rotary or scroll compressors as well as low noise fans, the actual overall noise levels remain low.  Side fan or vertical fan discharge units are available as options.  LCD or LED touch screen controllers simplify the various settings to suit each individual installation with cooling water temperatures as low as 7°C and hot water temperatures of up to 60°C.  The Metran Multi-Function Heat Pump units are capable of operating in all weather conditions and ambient temperatures of between -15°C and +45°C.

By Mel Peatey

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