Thursday, September 27, 2012

Metran Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

The Air to Water Metran Swimming Pool Heat Pumps are available in both vertical and horizontal air discharge options.   Depending upon the installation location there are also options for the outer casings of the Swimming Pool Heat Pumps namely; powder coated steel, UV stabilized ABS or stainless steel.   The main feature or “heart” of the Metran Swimming Pool Heat Pump is the patented titanium heat exchanger.  Without an effective and durable heat exchanger a swimming pool heat pump will become ineffective in a very short period of time due to the rapid deterioration of incompatible components.  For example; the advantage of the titanium heat exchanger over a cuprous nickel alloy heat exchanger is that it is not susceptible to the highly corrosive chemicals (particularly high levels of chlorine) that are generally present in all swimming pools and spas.  The external casing component of the titanium heat exchanger is a fully molded non-corrosive, high impact strength material that can withstand high water pressures as well to ensure durability and maximum performance of the complete Metran Swimming Pool Heat Pump at all times.

Scroll compressors are used because they have 50% fewer moving parts than standard piston type compressors. This equates to greatly improved reliability and improved efficiency as well as reducing noise levels to a minimum.   The Digitally-based microprocessor can control water temperature to within 1ÂșC of the set point.  The controller also permits the user to pre-set different pool and spa water temperatures and it can also prevent unauthorized tampering by the use of locking controls via a Celsius control key.  The versatility of the Metran Swimming Pool Heat Pump is again demonstrated by its capability to heat and cool a swimming pool or spa in different climatic conditions.  This allows the operator to have full control all year round.   The Metran Swimming Pool Heat Pump can warm your pool or spa with the reliability and efficiency of our other heat pumps, but with the flip of a switch, it can also cool your pool or spa to refreshing temperatures during hot summer months. For cooler climates, heating & cooling heat pumps offer unique advantages over the passive defrost models.

The Metran Swimming Pool Heat Pumps are also hot gas defrost heat pumps that are uniquely equipped for an active defrost cycle.   Active defrost involves directing hot refrigerant vapor to the heat collector thereby melting accumulated ice away in a matter of a few minutes and then allowing the heat pump to return back to normal heating cycle.  Standard defrost heat pumps may remain off for extended periods when defrosting during very cold weather.  However, because of the hot gas defrost function on the Metran Swimming Pool Heat Pump it has the ability to continue to operate-even during freezing weather.  Hot gas defrost models will extend the swimming season longer than any standard-defrost heat pump.  A large variety of Models are available ranging from 4 kW heating output right through to 149 kW heating output which will ensure a suitably sized product can be selected from the calculation chart for any project.

By Mel Peatey

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Solar Lantern Lighting Kit

The Solar Powered Lantern is a lighting system that consists of 28pieces including an LED lamp, battery and controller all placed in a strong metallic housing and ABS plastic as well as a solar panel and a AC/DC adapter.  The battery is charged by two methods:
1.    By electricity generated through the solar panel
2.    By the AC/DC Adapter that is supplied with the kit.
The lantern is basically a portable lighting device suitable for either indoor or outdoor lighting covering a full range of 360 degrees.
The product features adjustable lighting modes where the setting can be “strong” to an “energy saving” setting   The “energy saving” setting has a brightness of approximately half the maximum brightness strength but this setting will allow the lights to operate for a longer period during the night time.
In addition, there is a DC output for mobile phone charging, which is suitable for any type mobile phone. The complete unit is compact and light weight, as well as being easy and convenient to use.

The product is suitable for outdoor campers, hunters, hikers, boat cabin lighting, vehicle roadside emergency lighting, recreational vehicle cabin lighting, earthquakes and hurricane emergency kits.  Indoor applications include home lighting in rural regions where the power supply is irregular or scarce and also in urban areas as backup lighting during power cuts as well as for mobile phone charging during these periods.

By Mel Peatey