Friday, December 21, 2012

Model SRY-002-2 Solar PV Lighting Kit

The Model SRY-002-2 is a further enhanced version of the Model SRY-002-1 Solar Lighting Kits and consists of two LED lights, a mobile phone charger & a separate battery charging compartment where rechargeable batteries can be charged for use in separate portable radios or torches. 
The larger Solar PV Panel consists of a 9V/2.5W solar module with a 5M cable that provides flexibility in being able to suitably locate the Solar Panel to maximise the solar input during the daylight hours, and still have enough length in the cable to extend the light to a point where it can be best utilized.  The Solar PV module has a life cycle of approximately 10 years.  The inbuilt controller provides protection against over-charging and over-discharging and also includes short-circuit protection.    The battery pack consists of 5pieces of AA size x 1800mAH NI-MH (Nickel Metal Hydride) rechargeable batteries that are housed in a strong UV stabilized, heat resistant ABS plastic material for durability and longer life.   The LED Lamps that are supplied with the kit consists of 2 x 9V lamps with each having 18 Light Emitting Diodes (LED) together with a 4M cable.  A Mobile phone Charger connection in the battery pack allows direct mobile phone charging and several different types of plugs are supplied with the kit to cover most popular types of mobile phones.

In addition the Model SRY-002-2 has a separate compartment provided in the front of the ABS battery pack where two (2) 600mAH NI-MH rechargeable batteries, that are supplied with the kit can be charged during the daylight period as well.   These batteries can be used in a suitable flashlight or a portable radio.    After the solar PV module has been charged for between 6-8 hours there are three brightness setting options that can be used for the LED light.   The three settings will offer the following performance based upon both LED Lamps operating at the same time: Maximum Brightness for around 7 hours, Energy Saving mode for around 18 hours, and Low Brightness mode for approximately 45 hours of operation.   The Model SRY-002-2 instruction manual is available in English and French and dependent upon quantities other languages are available as well.   Each Kit weighs approximately 1.15 kilograms and is packed in a strong packaging box measuring 280mm x 210mm x 550mm.   Standard Packs comprise of 10 pieces per carton which measures 450mm x 310mm x 310mm and has a gross weight of 12.5 Kg.

By Mel Peatey

Thursday, December 20, 2012

High Temperature Heat Pumps

High Temperature Heat Pump
The Metran High Temperature Air Source Heat Pumps transfer heat from the ambient air to water, providing high-temperature hot water up to 80°C. The unique high-temperature heat pump is widely used for house warming in the cooler climates as well as Commercial/Industrial applications, particularly in the tropical zones of the World.  With innovative & advanced direct heating technology, the heat pump can operate very well at ambient temperatures as low as 0℃ whilst still being able to generate high output temperatures of up to 80℃.  This ensures compatibility with normal sized radiator, based systems without the need for any supplementary energy source. Compared with traditional Diesel fuel or LPG boilers, the high-temperature heat pump can produce up to 50% less CO2 whilst saving up to 80% in operating costs.  The Metran High Temperature Heat Pumps are not only highly efficient, but are also easy and safe to operate.
Intelligent Digital Controller
The high temperature delivery from this new design of Air to Water Heat Pumps is achieved by using a combination of high efficiency American Copeland scroll compressors, environmentally safe R134a refrigerant, electrically activated expansion valves, larger evaporator design and specially designed high efficiency tube in shell heat exchangers.  A user friendly intelligent digital controller with blue LED back lighting is incorporated with the Heat Pump unit to easily adjust temperature setting to suit any application.  The electrical compartment is provided in a separate, isolated compartment to avoid internal corrosion and subsequently contributing to extending the operational life cycle of the Heat Pump unit.
In all cases each project design, followed by the correct High Temperature Heat Pump model selection is critical in order to maintain the required performance criteria and the durability of the system.  In addition, installation recommendations of clear, unobstructed minimum space clearances around the Heat Pump systems must be observed in order to maximize the performance and minimize the operating costs.  It is also advisable to mount the Heat Pump(s) on a solid concrete foundation and using shockproof bushes at the anchor points to maintain stability of the system, and reduce noise and vibration that may eventually contribute to damage of plumbing the connections. 

By Mel Peatey