Friday, August 17, 2012

Solar Home Power Supply System Model No.: SHS1206

This great new addition to the range of solar lighting kits now allows you to create a power solution to match your requirements.  Each system includes the solar panel, charge controller, solar battery, DC to AC inverter, cables & DC 12V lamps to complete your system.
The Model SHS1206 - 6W Solar lighting Kit gives you all the components needed to install a small lighting system in remote homes, caravans or wherever you need a reliable power source for lighting.

This Solar Lighting System consists of 3 LED lights & mobile phone charger as shown in the illustration.  The PV Solar panel has a maximum generating capacity of 6W and has an expected life cycle of approximately 10 years.   The three lights that are supplied with the Model SHS1206 consist of 2 pieces of 12V/3W LED bulbs and 1 x 12V/1W LED bulb.  The controller incorporates over-charging (14V) and over-discharging (10.5V) protection functions as well as short-circuits protection.  The battery is a 12V-4AH lead-acid battery with a rated charging current of 1Amp and a rated discharging current of 2Amps.

There is a no load loss of 8mA and a USB port current of 500mA.   The estimated full charging time with the solar panel is ten hours when clear sunny conditions are available.   Orientation of the 6V Solar PV panel in a direction facing towards the equator (North for Southern Hemisphere Countries and South for Northern Hemisphere Countries) will ensure maximum collection of solar energy each day.
An approximate lighting duration after the battery is fully charged of around 5 hours when the 3 lights are operated at the same time can be expected.

By Mel Peatey