Monday, March 12, 2012

Heat Pump Performance Comparison

TheMetranHeat Pump operates with the use of electricity.   The electricity is used only, to drive the compressor, and fan in the “Heat Pump” section of the system.   The metran Heat Pump systems electrical draw is approximately 3 to 4 times less than the heating output capability therefore providing a saving in energy costs of between 75% and 80% when compared to a traditional electric water heater. 

Heat Pumps - How they work

A Heat Pump transforms heat from a low temperature level into heat at a high temperature level at which it can be used for heating purposes. Even in wintertime with temperatures far below 0°C a Heat Pump can take energy from the environment.This is performed by an endless “cooling” cycle. The cooling liquid evaporates at a very low temperature and takes a substantial amount of energy from the ambient air, when changing from a liquid to a gas phase.

Welcome to the METRAN GROUP

Air to Water Heat Pump Specialists

Metran International Pty. Ltd. offers a complete design service for Heat Pump installations in all types of new and existing Commercial/Industrial applications, as well as being able to offer the most cost effective Heat Pump Units to suit each application. 

Each design presentation includes the calculated daily hot water requirement, any peak load requirement, as well as a calculation for Return on Investment (ROI) on each installation.

A full range of domestic as well as Commercial/Industrial Metran Heat Pump Units are available for the International Markets of Asia, Pacific Islands, India, and Middle East.